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101 Classes

Like some more hands-on adjustments?
Want a class designed for you and you only?
Want sole attention of a teacher to help you?
A bit lost in a group and want some more explanation about asanas and how to enter them safely?
This class is for you!

Group classes

Want to feel the energy of the group, mutual motivation, partner work from time to time and a lot of fun as well?
Yes? This is your class! Doesn't matter if you are just starting or many sweated mats ahead, group practice is for everybody.
Always modified according to your needs and level individually.

Private groups

Have a group of friends or colleagues and want to make sure to always practice in the same circle? Want to offer some extra benefits to your employees for all the good work?
There you go! Private group class in your workplace, outdoor or other place of your choice might be arranged too!

Outdoor classes

Is there anything better than Sea, Light breeze, Sun and those Views!?
Yoga on laps of Mother Nature! We are lucky to have a lot of beautiful days in a year allowing us to take mats outside but be sure to try it before winter surprises us!

What's ON Now!?

All the fresh and hot events happening at your arm's length

Private Classes

Comfort of your Home or Yoga Studio

Mysore style Yoga

Contact us for location & details

Yoga for your Office

Anywhere you want! Contact us!


All you need is Yoga

  • All of All

    "ALL" or "Everything" is found in yoga quite often. Did you know that "OM" (despite the mantra having no meaning itself) represents the whole, the universe? It represents "Everything". When chanted, OM (ॐ, made of sounds A, O and M) engages ALL the sound generating organs in our bodies. OM is a sound of ALL sounds.

  • ALL you need...

    Also, in Yoga and many other philosophies, "ALL" you need in your life is already within you. You are enough - to be happy, to be fulfilled... We all need to uncover our happiness and fulfilment from obstacles shading them within us

  • ...is Yoga

    And finally, down to earth, really and truly Yoga is ALL You Need. Those who tried, know that yoga can be a very demanding workout, a cardio session, a relaxing meditation and stretching to muscles in need. It can be "ALL", depending on style and design of the practice for particular needs and people.

  • People behind it All

    Meet Ania - a founder of "All you need is Yoga" and a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher.
    After over 10 years of exploring yoga deeper and deeper in Europe and Asia, she got absolutely hooked.
    She decided it was time to share. The experience, passion, love...ALL of it! Trained in Thailand and Indonesia after which obtained internationally recognised certification to teach Yoga. Continues her journey, providing insight and guidance, helping you through your own practice.
    Currently involved in leading many yoga classes around the island, Yoga retreats, workshops and curious about everything related to Yoga Philosophy.
    Want to meet her:)? Book A class Now!

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